Hopi Basketry Presentation

Anthropology 310b, Spring Quarter 1995
Prof. Carol Jolles

Part 1: History and Meaning (Rohith Sood)

Part 2: Manufacture and Decoration (Cecil Lewis)

Part 3: Bibliography

This presentation was created using an HP Scanjet 2cx, and was shown to approximately 40 people on May 30th, 1995. Utilizing a Mac Quadra 660 with an AV output, the pages were shown to the class using Netscape software. Accompanying the presentation was a 4 page handout, and of course the knowledgeable oral presentation of the 2 students above. The handout, graphical presentation, and this optional WWW accompaniment were created by Frank Provo.

This HTML version of the presentation (handout included) was assembled by Karen M. Strom and is hosted on her server. A few additional images have been scanned with a HP Scanjet 3c and the exhibit has been made friendly for all browsers we have available for testing.

See also the Hopi Basketry website of the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office.

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