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    Name and DescriptionNationLocation
    alycatz homepage
    Inuit Canada - Eastern
    Personal homepage with information on Aborigional information... always updated..
    Anthropology Answerable
    Chumash US - West
    The story of Humqaq, known today as Point Conception, one of the most sacred places in the realm of the Chumash. Page includes history as well as current issues dealing with modern Chumash and their relationship to the non-Chumash people and their monumental plans for development.
    Aragon Native Sculpture
    Crow US - West
    I sculpt Native sculpture in alabaster, marble, and soapstone. I carve one of a kind pieces of all sizes on commission. Please visit my website.
    Archaeology Answerable
    Chumash US - West
    Archaeology Answerable, a sequel to Anthropology Answerable, deals with the issue of excavating Chumash and other native cemeteries, and the repatriation of human remains and artifacts to the respective tribal groups.
    Atmospheric Tests in Native American Domains
    Mohave US - Southwest
    This page describes in words and images the terrible cost of the atmospheric testing of atomic bombs in the Pacific and the Nevada desert to humans (both Native and non-Native Americans) and to the natural environment.
    Back to the Blanket, a Cherokee/Native American Journal
    a monthly Cherokee/Native American journal, published by Day Starr, of the Wolf Clan, Onondaga/Cherokee.
    Beltana's Beads Main Page -- Patterns, Instructions, Links and more!
    Learn Tubular Peyote; Learn Cheyenne Brick; Learn to Loom; Learn Net Stitch; Learn Spiral Rope Chain; My Patterns; My Gallery; Great Beading Links; Tools and Materials; Beading Tips
    canadian folk for peace
      Canada - Western
    Canada is prophesized as the nation that will lead the world to peace. start the circle, email lists to the canadian government, united nations and american government. we can attain peace the 'native way'.
    Carolyne's Native American Genealogy Helper
      United States
    Dedicated to Native American genealogy research, this website includes how-to articles that address the unique problems and history in the United States that can make tracing Native American ancestors particularly difficult. Much of the information will apply to all tribes within the U.S., but there is particular emphasis on some of the major tribes, including Tsalagi (Cherokee) which is the heritage of the author. The author is a professional journalist and dedicated genealogist specializing in Native American research.
    Cherokee Woman
    Cherokee US - Central
    Information on documents, Dawes roll, Guion Miller Applicants explanation. Cherokee Artist painting "Only The Names Remain" pictures of the present Cherokee Chief & Mayes district councilors, plus Stand Watie's desk. Same person - known by different names - AKA. List of books I have authored. Important links for searching the evasive ancestor. Quotes from many different Tribes.
    DreamWolf's Crow Dreams
    Crow US - West
    This is a page of My People, The Crow. I have seen very little of them on the Web and hope that it is very respectful and helpful to those who would like to learn of them. Cathy
    Eagle Wear Int'l
    Mohawk US - Northeast
    St Regis Mohawk Reservation, Awesasne, NY/Canada Retail/wholesale beadwork & Native crafts. Links to Iroquois websites.
    Ellen Stephen Hospice
    Located at Pine Ridge, this is the only Hospice on any Reservation. Mission Statement To give comfort, assurance, and care to families and patients who have life-threatening illnesses and to educate and nurture others in this care.
    Four Winds Pow Wow
    Site about the Four Winds Pow Wows and other events organized by the Four Winds association in Lausanne, Switzerland. many photos and information about the visiting artists and nations.
    Full C!rcle Des!gns
    Secwepemc Canada - Western
    Full C!rcle Des!gns offers a wide variety of digital media, desktop publishing, graphic design, advertising, promotion & presentation. Travis Marr owner operator is a recognized graphic designer throughout the 17 communities of the Secwepemc Nation.
    Genocides of California
    Wintu US - West
    The author describes (some) of the genocides committed in California since 1846 with accompanying footnotes and sources. (excerpt)
    Guavaberry Books
    Taino United States
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    Specializes in the traditional Native American art. You will find information on breastplates, chokers, drums, rattles, leatherwork and beadwork all designed and hand made by owner Ricky M. Hill, a Mohawk/Tuscarora. Ricky Hill passed away May 16, 2001 after a courageous battle with lymphoma. Please feel free to peruse the beautiful work that Ricky did during his short time with us.
    Kawaiisu Native American artist David Laughing Horse Robinson: acrylic paintings, steel sculptures
    Kawaiisu US - Southwest
    David Laughing Horse Robinson is a Kawaiisu Native American artist who creates acrylic paintings, steel sculptures and etchings on steel plates. He works at California State University, Bakersfield, as an Instructional Technician. Laughing Horse teaches students how to use the materials and equipment necessary to create ceramics, paintings, photography and sculpture.
    Kawakanum Kennels
    Cree Canada - Western
    Let our native guide lead you along the trails of the past and enjoy driving your own dog sled along historical trails. Dog sled tours ar 1/2 day, full day, and custom packages to suit your budget and needs.
    Lady Cherokee Lodging
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Powwow links, links,
    Little Bears Poetry Site
    Little Bears Site consists of original artwork, poetry and crafts. Sometimes we post opinions of various indigenous peoples that have a positive or biocentric attitude.
    Manuskrip Ayik Sadat
    Contains poetry, essays, and links about Indonesian literature and culture.
    Mountain Lion's Native American Cookbook
    Fruits And Berries, Vegetables, Mushrooms And Consumable Fungi', Teas And Beverages, Breads, Soups And Stews, Grains And Nuts, Desserts And Confections and Meats Fish And Game Foul.
    Native American Hollywood
    Lakota US - Northeast
    A site divoted to Native Americans in the Entertainment industry wheither it be in the movies/television, music, art, or literature. Praising those who have set new standards and broken long standing stereotypes.
    Native American Indian Coalition of Pennsylvania
      US - Northeast
    The NAICPA is a new, non-profit organization in PA. We wish to educate the public about Native American Indians, our culture and what place we hold in todays' society. We have our first powwow coming on the 23rd and 24th of September 2000.
    Native American Inmates And Families Support Group
    Support Group for our Warriors in Prison. Help for them and the people who love them. Full of information and resources. We want them to know "They Are Not Forgotten."
    Native American Lore and Poem
    A personal page with poetry.
    Navajo Language Resource Centre
    Navajo Australia
    A comprehensive site devoted to the preservation of the Navajo language. It contains everything from downloadable Navajo fonts to information on the courses and texts available for those keen to study and learn the language.
    Northern Shadow Dancers Photo History
    Cree Canada - Western
    Native Dancer troupe performing legends and stories since 1990.
    Pedro's Bass Page
    Secwepemc Canada - Western
    I am a native Indian writing all my own music and releasing a love cd soon
    Robert Mirabal - A Fansite
    Tiwa US - Southwest
    Fansite for musician Robert Mirabal. Images from performances and related links.
    S.D.Wichapi Star Home
      US - Central
    Sicangu Lakota from the Rosebud Reservation.
    Seminole language, muskogee(creek),huron,mohawk,english,german phrases
    Wendat-Huron US - Northwest
    Native American Languages of the Northeast(Wendat-huron,mohawk)and southeast(mvkok,muscogee,seminole) phrases also in english,german langauges
    Shalawa Meadow Medicine Circle
    Chumash US - West
    The story of Shalawa Meadow Medicine Circle, protecting an ancient Chumash burial ground in the most prime real estate in Southern California.
    Standing Deer Wilson has crossed over
    Oneida US - Central
    On Monday morning, January 21, 2003, Robert Standing Deer was murdered in Houston, Texas.
    Chumash US - West
    The history of Syukhtun, the main town of the Chumash realm on California's Pacific coast, inhabited for eight thousand years up to the present day by the Chumash.
    Syukhtun Editions
    Mohave Pacific - Western
    The Mohave myth "Yellak" (Goose) was collected by Alfred Louis Kroeber in 1905 as sung by Eagle Sell in the Mohave language. It tells of the making of the Colorado river. The webpage includes short biographies and photos of the epic singers.
    Syukhtun Editions
    Achumawi US - West
    Variations on Native Californian themes for solo guitar by Theo Radic
    Terry Little Jones
    Navajo US - Southwest
    Navajo man shares his interests, culture, writings, and photographs of family and friends.
    The Cherokee Lady
    The choinumni tribe
      United States
    The choinumni tribe is a non-federally recognized tribe. we are striving to obtain our federal recognition.
    The Chumash as the Keepers of the Western Gate
    Chumash US - West
    The story of Humqaq, known today as Point Conception, one of the most sacred places in the realm of the Chumash. Page includes history as well as current issues dealing with modern Chumash and their relationship to the non-Chumash people and their monumental plans for development.
    The First Moccasins
    How the first moccasins came about.
    The Kalispel Indians
    Kalispel US - Northwest
    The Kalispel Indians once occupied a long and narrow territory, which stretched from the Flathead lake of Montana, through Idaho, and into nearby Washington state. And the Kalispel were also part of Canada, like many of their linguistic relatives, since a small part of their western lands extended north into the Salmo river of what is now southern Canada.
    Four year old monthly newsletter that carries hard news from all tribes which most people don't hear about on the 6:00 news: Native American quotes and literature - past and present, prophesies, language study - mainly Cherokee, crafts, Native recipes, letters to the editor, classifieds and anything else Creator wants us to tackle.
    Through Cherokee Eyes
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    This site has lots of Native American images. Please use what you like, and don't forget to sign my guest book.
    Thunderchild Productions
      Canada - Western
    I taught myself to bead thirteen years ago and dedicate my craft to my Mother Celine and to the memory of my great- grandmother Jean St-Pierre who taught me how to make the collars when I was seven. She was and will always be my inspiration. Beadwork is a dying art and something that should be taught more, hopefully this site will inspire others.
    Turtle's House
    Cherokee US - Northeast
    WeLcOmE To DA PaGe
      America - South
    suggested nation: Chibcha-Abya Yala En espanol...ATENCION..Colombianos...la historia de Mirthayu. Haz Click en Link "Mirthayu" informacion sobre Fomagata, La Bachue, y La Chia.
    Welcome to Sundown
    Chippewa US - Northeast
    Sundown believes in "Good Causes" and helps Native American's achieve their goals and dreams. Presently working on the AITS Program being taught on Reservations giving American Indian's pre-apprenticeship training so they can enter the building Trades of their choice. Introducing to tribes T.E.R.O. and explaining how they can use it to their benefit their tribe.
    White Feathers Place
    Lakota US - Central
    This site has information regarding my culture and preserving Mother Earth. There are many links to other Native American Personal Pages, and many links to Native Organizations.
    Wolf Spirit Studio
    Cherokee US - Southeast
    Young Once, Indian Forever
    Lakota US - Southwest
    Contact and support place for Native People who were adopted out or fostered and now are looking to come Home. Lots of links and a forum where you can find support.

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