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    Name and DescriptionNationLocation
    Oneida Indian Bead Work Exhibit
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Oneida Women earned an important part of the family income by selling their artwork to non-Natives at tourist centers such as Niagara Falls and Saratoga Springs. Oneidas and other Iroquois created a new style for tourists which featured floral designs composed of glass beads. The raised beaded designs were applied to new shapes such as handbags, pincushions, needle cases, and wall pockets. Most of these objects were intended to be worn as accessories to women's clothing or to be displayed in Victorian parlors.
    Oneida Indian Nation - Carvings
    Oneida US - Northeast
    Wolf Antler Carving / Pipe / War Club / Antler Carving
    Oneida Indian Nation - Chief's Kostoweh
    Iroquois US - Northeast
    This is an example of the kostaweh, the traditional headdress of the Iroquois. An ash splint frame suspends the cap, decorated by turkey feathers. The deer horns him. This kostoweh was made by Ray Elm, one of the oldest living Oneida Nation members.
    Oneida Indian Nation - Culture & History - Shako:wi Cultural Center - Rattles Exhibit
    Oneida US - Northeast
    Rattles are one of the types of traditional Iroquois musical instruments whose use continues today without change in the way they are made and used. In contrast to movie depictions of other North American Indians, gathered about a booming drum, Iroquois rattles combine rhythm and percussion elements and maintain the dimension of group participation.
    Oneida Indian Nation - Museum Quality Corn Husk Dolls
    Oneida US - Northeast
    These are the work of the beloved elder craftsperson, Emily Johnson. These particular dolls are from the collection of Gloria Halbritter, who made the outfits. They illustrate the skill and attention to detail which mark them as being of museum quality craftwork.
    Oneida Indian Nation Exhibits - Wampum Belt
    Oneida US - Northeast
    This nikohla' or wampum is the national and common property of the Oneida Indian Nation. It is a kind of national treasure although we and other Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) did not use it as money as the early non-native colonists did.
    Oneida Indian Nation Exhibits - Wampum Items
    Oneida US - Northeast
    Wampum attested to the truth, importance, and significance of a message. Any statement not accompanied by wampum was likely to be false or trivial. The words of the message were so closely associated with wampum that, after being "read into" the shell fabric, the words could be recalled by viewing the wampum object. Wampum also, therefore, was a memory aid.
    Oneida Indian Nation: Culture and History
    Oneida US - Northeast
    Shako:wi Cultural Center, Clans, Three Sisters Cookbook, Treaties Project, Polly Cooper Video, Language, Creation Story, Iroquois Legends, Oneidas in the War of 1812, 1777: The Oneidas and the Birth of the American Nation, Barren Hill, Mary Winder, Sovereignty, The Polly Cooper Story, Oral History Project, Annuity Cloth Symbolizes that a Treaty is a Living Document, Lacrosse: An Iroquois Tradition, The Battle of Oriskany, Notes from the Past, The Two Row Wampum.
    Oneida Nation of New York
    Oneida US - Northeast
    The Oneida Indian Nation, one of the original members of the Iroquois Confederacy, enjoys a unique role in America's history having supported the Colonies in the struggle for independence from England. The Nation exists as a sovereign political unit which predates the Constitution of the United States.

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