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    Effect of Pennsylvania game laws on American Indians' a reply to an inquiry in the NativeNet Listser
    "Code of Federal Regulations, Title 50, Part 22 Section 22.22 (often referred to simply as 50 CFR 22.22) Eagle Permits, Permits for Indian Religious Purposes. This regulation permits the "taking, posesssion, and transportation of bald or golden eagles, or their parts, nests, or eggs for the religious use of Indians." Briefly, you must submit a completed application form to the Department of Interior which provides basic information (name, address, etc), as well as certification from the BIA that you are "Indian" and a certification (usually just a signature on the form) from a duly authorized official of the religious group that you are authorized to participate in bona fide tribal religious ceremonies (defined as ceremonial and/or cultural activities)."
    Tribal Lands Conference - Audio Archive
      US - Northeast
    Talks presented at the conference "From the Arctic to Amazonia: Industrialized Nations' Exploitation of Tribal Lands," which was held 22-24 September, 1989, at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. RealAudio(tm) files encoded and produced by Gary Trujillo.

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