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    Ani-Sohini/Unami Nation - Native American Links
    Ani-Stohini - Unami  
    The following Native American links are primarily related to the people of The Ani-Stohini/Unami Nation although favorite links to other tribes will be also added later. While you are here, Check out the sites below. Learn our language online for free! Visit our projects and programs page. Come and learn about the sacred Appalachian Mountain Bog Turtle. Learn how to order an Ani-Stohini/Unami dress or the best herbs in Appalachia.
    Native American Herbal Knowledge Workshops Page
    Native American Home School Association
    We should also work and network with the millions of African-Americans, and non-Christian families who are now home schooling. With this in mind, we have started the Native American Home School Association which will seek to provide Native American Homeschoolers with the BEST possible educational sources and connections not only for helping parents teach at home, but also to protect their right to do so. We believe that our Native American languages, religion, history, songs, dances, stories, and crafts are just as important to us and our children as a knowledge of science, math, English, and the other things which are also important.
    The Training of a medicine person
    Ani-Stohini - Unami US - Southeast
    A page explaining how Native American Medicine people learned what they learned.

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